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Netflix abruptly stops working for Apple AirPlay after six years



Netflix lovers have unexpectedly found themselves not able to find the streaming support’s apps for iPhones and iPads working with Apple’s AirPlay.

AirPlay is a feature which permits users to play with media such as music and videos from iOS apparatus on Apple TV- and AirPlay-enabled TVs and speakers that are smart. It enabled individuals watching Netflix in their iPhones and iPads to immediately play the material on their TVs.

Nonetheless, in a sudden move, Netflix for iOS fell service for AirPlay, which it had affirmed since 2013.

“Airplay is no longer supported for use with Netflix due to technical limitations,”  based on some service page on Netflix’s official site, leaving just built-in Chromecast, the Netflix 2nd Display attribute, and external wires as the only methods to join Netflix for iOS into a TV. The AirPlay icon is no longer found on the iOS app. Efforts to trigger AirPlay throughout the Control Center is going to be fulfilled with an error message which states “Cannot play title. Please try again later.”

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“We want to make sure our members have a great Netflix experience on any device they use. With AirPlay support rolling out to third-party devices, there isn’t a way for us to distinguish between devices (what is an Apple TV versus what isn’t) or certify these experiences. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue Netflix AirPlay support to ensure our standard of quality for viewing is being met. Members can continue to access Netflix on the built-in app across Apple TV and other devices,” a spokesperson for the streaming service wrote in a statement.

The spokesperson also explained that Apple will stay as a “valued partner,” and the dropped AirPlay service isn’t as a result of rivalry between the firms’ businesses.

Individuals will continue to be able to see displays in the streaming service in their TVs through variations of its app for Apple TV, smart TVs, video game consoles, and other apps. Bad news, however, for the instances when AirPlay made things more convenient, like when an individual watching in their iPhone or even iPads moves into an area where they could play with the material around the TV.

The choice for the iOS app to fall AirPlay service might be a part of a wider debate between Netflix and Apple since the latter will be preparing to establish a rival from the streaming service area.

Apple recently unveiled Apple TV Plus, an ad-free, subscription-based streaming service which will launch this autumn. Apple also announced a redesigned Apple TV app that will offer a unified experience for viewing TV shows, films, and third-party providers across iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Mac computers, smart TVs, along with other streaming apparatus. The updated app, anticipated to start in May, can market a-la-carte subscriptions to services like HBO, Showtime, Stars, along with others, although not such as Netflix.


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