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Microsoft is shutting down its eBooks store and will refund earlier purchases



Beginning today, Microsoft is finishing all ebook revenue in its own Microsoft Store for Windows PCs. Previously bought ebooks will be eliminated from customers’ libraries in early July. Even free ones will probably be deleted. The business is going to provide full refunds to customers for any books they have bought or preordered.

Microsoft’s “official reason,” based on ZDNet, is that this movement is part of a plan to help streamline the attention of their Microsoft Store. It looks like the provider no longer has an interest in trying to compete with Amazon, Apple Books, and Google Play Books. It is somewhat difficult to imagine why anybody goes with Microsoft over those choices anyhow.

In case you’ve bought ebooks from Microsoft, you may keep on accessing them via the Edge browser before everything fades in July. After that, clients can expect to automatically obtain a refund.

As per the recently published Microsoft Store FAQ, “refund processing for qualified customers begin rolling out mechanically in early July 2019 for your original payment system.”

If your initial payment system is no more valid (or if you used a gift card), then you will get a credit back to your Microsoft account to utilize online in the Microsoft Store.

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Microsoft will also offer you an extra $25 charge (for your Microsoft account) in case you annotated or marked up any ebook which you bought from the Microsoft Store before now, April 2nd. I guess that is intended to be an extra incentive for the hassle of dropping those notes. That is 1 point in favor of real publications, which can not be deleted from a host once you have purchased them.


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