The most annoying thing for a PC user might be this notification, “Logitech software not detecting mouse.” Knowing that you can’t make your mouse work despite the money you have spent on buying the best one can actually lead you to feel bad and helpless in an instant. However, you must know that you can solve this issue instantly without ever going to some professional in the market.

This detecting problem might occur due to some simple reasons, yet they can vary from mouse to mouse. These problems may include ranging from some standard problems to significant ones with the issues of G HUB software.

Quick Solutions & Fixes

This manly happens because Logitech moved most of their mice to G Hub and now they are only supported by the G HUB Gaming Software. So, If you still get the not detecting error try to switch to G-HUB instead of LGS.

Logitech not detecting mouse

  1. Try to install Logitech G Hub instead of Logitech gaming software.
  2. Run LGS as Administrator.
  3. Try to plug mouse in some other USB Ports.

Some common issues

You can face some most obvious issues when your Logitech gaming software not recognising mouse like:

  1. The mouse cursor might not hold stable
  2. The mouse cursor might jump all over the screens
  3. The mouse sensor might not work
  4. Most severely, your mouse may not work at all with your device

These are some simple issues that you can solve through simple and most convenient steps. However, despite the fact, there is a multitude of reasons behind these issues, and before you ever go into changing your computer specs, we suggest you try out the following approaches:

Battery Replacement 

The most obvious issue with a gaming mouse is that its batteries are quickly worn out as compared to a regular mouse. Although, if you have rechargeable batteries, you must still prepare yourself to face the degradation of the battery’s quality over time and its inability to hold the charge for a longer period. In such cases, you can consider replacing your batteries with new ones.

replace battery

This is such a simple solution, and yet we take it for granted. So, during an intense gaming round, when your batteries loosen up, take them out and put them back.

Be very careful during the process as you don’t have to bend anything in your mouse.

Cords checking 

In the case of a battery-powered mouse, the battery replacement option can really help in solving the issue. However, when you’ve got a wired mouse, which most people do have for their gaming when such an issue arises, we suggest you check the cords carefully.

The reason for taking cords into consideration is that there might be some instances when there are rips and bend in the cords, because of which the software might not be able to detect your Logitech mouse. Likewise, the ports might also get rusted or bent, and the only solution left is to fix them up.

These issues can prevent the software to not get enough signals to detect the mouse and can keep it from working properly.

Mouse Cleaning 

When you see that the software is detecting the mouse, but it prevents it from working properly, or the software detection failing after few minutes, the reason might be that your mouse needs a deep and careful cleaning.

There may be several reasons which clog up the mouse, like our gross hands, etc. so, to clean up your mouse with certain dedication can help you in this regard.

Despite the fact that cleaning can effectively help you solve the issue. However, you must always try to prevent your mouse from clogging: ensure that your mouse is super clean from all the liquids, crumbs, and all other debris every time.

Note: simple things like dust and hair can easily get into your mouse and make it malfunction easily, so cleaning it regularly can save you from many issues.  

Make a Direct Connection with a USB Port

Change usb ports

You might face the software not detecting mouse issues if you are using an external USB hub or a multi-card reader. The most obvious reason for this is that the gaming system/software cannot always detect a device that is connected to it via a third medium.

What you need to do is plug the mouse directly into the USB. This might help you solve the problem, if not entirely, but up to some extent for sure.

Using a Different Surface for Mouse 

When you are using the mouse on an improper surface, you might not get a reading, and you might think that your software isn’t detecting your mouse. In such cases, the solution is to change the mouse surface.

With some mice, using a mouse pad might help, while some surfaces need to be changed on the basis of their darkness, lightweight, or even the shine.

Drivers Update 

Update Drivers

If, after trying several things, your mouse still isn’t working, your mouse then may need an update for its drivers. You can directly reach out to the manufacturer’s website to check out any updates available there, or even you can use a tool to check the available updates for your gaming mouse.

These updates are handy in fixing the things which might be wrong. Usually, you get these updates for free, and don’t ask you more than a few seconds of time to install.

Issues with Bluetooth Pairing 

If you own a Bluetooth mouse, make sure that the Bluetooth is paired correctly. Sometimes the issues with the Bluetooth pairing can cause this problem of Logitech g hub not detecting mouse.

However, if you see your mouse is connected, but still the issue persists, what you can simply do is “forget” your mouse from pairing and reattach it.

With just a single Bluetooth device pairing, this issue is not common as it is when you have several different Bluetooth devices switched on simultaneously.

Reassign your Gaming Buttons 

While using a buttoned-mouse, do not ever forget to properly assign the buttons of your mouse properly. When this assignment gets messed up, you can face troubles with the working of your mouse. This problem can be related to the software, drivers, or even with your entire mouse, so make sure you detect what is troubling.

In such cases, you can simply check the application to see if your buttons are assigned properly or not.

These were some simple solutions to the problem when your Logitech software is not detecting the mouse properly. However, if you still find the issue persisting, you can further follow the below-given simple steps and try to fix the issue the other way round.

Some Other Steps to Follow

Here are some other steps that you can follow to resolve the software detection issue:

  1. Open the “Control Panel” on your PC
  2. Then select “Uninstall a Program.”
  3. Uninstall your Logitech G HUB
  4. Restart your PC- it will completely remove the program from your computer.
  5. Reinstall the Logitech G HUB Program
  6. Lastly, restart your computer to make it work properly.

If the issue is related to the software, doing this will definitely fix the problem. If your Logitech software is still not detecting the mouse, there may be some deeper problem that you need to consider another way.

*Useful Tip: Sometimes, the simple solution to your mouse detection failure problem is that you give the manufacturers some time to get into the roots of the issue and come up with a new update for the driver and release it. What you can do in the meanwhile is that, if you have another mouse, use that one and also keep an eye on the manufacturer’s website and social media.* 

Whether you face issues with Logitech software not detecting the mouse or even the Logitech software not detecting g502, the solutions that we have mentioned above will help you in true means to get rid of all these. The issue is not so serious, and through these simple steps, you can resolve it and enjoy your smoother gaming once again.

Hassan Hifz
Right from the age of 4, Hassan started gaming. He knows best what he is doing. Currently Hassan is Senior author at Techno Clutch. Only a tech geek knows best what components to be used for which conditions. To him, Gaming was the only way to communicate with the outer world cause he was not allowed to go outside instead of just school. He was inspired by his online friends to start his own blog to bust some myths about PC and Gadgets.