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Jio will soon allow you to track your car’s health and location



Reliance Jio initially became a family with cellular internet, it’s predicted to perform the same using broadband net very soon. Nonetheless, it’s reasonable to state that sky’s the limit for the nation’s third-largest telecom operator. After shoving internet into everybody’s life, Jio is presently eyeing your four-wheeler, using its variant of a Connect app.

Which brings us to the upcoming potential Jio app launch in the coming months. We came across this app named Jio Motive about the Google Play Store recorded as unreleased.

Having said this, everyone can set up the app straight away, use it likely as ancient beta testers and assist the firm with the comments to your app. The Jio Motive app, in accordance with the attribute list, ears to be a one-stop alternative for auto owners.

The app listing confirms it’s created by the Reliance Jio group in Navi Mumbai. We have already seen connect apps from auto makers like Maruti Suzuki, Nissan, and Honda Motors amongst others this past year.

Thus, it is going to be interesting to find out exactly what Jio has to provide with its Jio Motive app. The title does not resonate with connected auto within an ecosystem, but we will reserve our verdict until we get to use the app.

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It’s possible to specify the regions up to that your car can proceed in case you’ve got a driver utilizing it through geofencing. Car owners may also monitor its health, rate picked up on the travel and also watch to the gas gauge, the temperature of the vehicle and use the program for navigation also.

Along with this, the Jio Motive app also educates users of any outstanding service invoices or if the vehicle should go over to get a fast overhauling. Trip evaluation can also be a part of this app, allowing users to keep an eye on how much and long they’ve traveled.

We don’t understand whether the Jio Motive program will do the job for non-Jio users and if it does, what would be the advantages that consumers on its own network will be supplied. For now, we all know is that a program is going to start, when and how it arranges will get clearer when it’s accessible to the general public.

Additionally, it is unclear what type of hardware option it will use from the automobile to relay the information to the program — an OBD port solution or a standalone monitoring apparatus.

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