How Much Helpful is Alcohol in Removing the Thermal Paste? 

When you’ve applied thermal paste for long, the remains become very hard and sticky, and this is not as easy to apply as you might think of until you use a harsh removing material just like alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol is the best type of alcohol that you can use to remove the paste, as it comes with greater concentration and evaporates quickly. Also, it is less conductive and leaves no residue behind at the heat sink or CPU, just as the other cleansers do. 

How to use Alcohol to Remove Thermal Paste? 

Removing thermal paste from alcohol is quite easier, provided that you do it right. A slight mistake can make you destroy your system completely, so make sure to know the right way of doing it before you ever do it. 

Things you will need: 

To get the work done, you will need only two things: 

  1. A piece of cloth: You can also consider using a microfiber cloth but using a paper towel will do your work in a pinch, and it leaves much lesser material behind as compared to toilet paper.  
  2. Rubbing alcohol: It is best to use rubbing alcohol for the process because of its less conductive nature and greater concentration and evaporation rate. 

With only these two things with you, you can easily remove the remained thermal paste from your CPU to reapply a new layer of it to make your PC working at a greater speed. 

Now, here is the process that you need to follow when you aim to remove the thermal paste: 

  1. Firstly, wipe off the surface that you want to clean with a dry cloth and try to remove as much of the bigger chunks as possible. 
  2. Then, apply a small amount of alcohol directly to the cloth that you are using for the cleaning method. 
  3. Wipe the remaining material off the heat sink or CPU with the cloth. You can reapply the alcohol as much as you feel it is needed.