How often should you put thermal paste on CPU?

The simple answer to this question is, Changing Thermal Paste only once a year is enough. Only change twice or thrice if You see irregular changes in temperature.

Nevertheless, you must consider replacing or reapplying the paste at the following instants: 

  1. If you have removed your CPU cooler for any reason.
  2. If you find the temperature of your CPU fluctuating.

How to Apply Thermal Paste?

Here is a simple five-step process for you that you should follow if you want to know the most authentic and simplest way of applying thermal paste to your processor. 

Check the brand of Paste and CPU 

This is true of both the CPU and thermal paste that their brands are of different types. So, if you want to make sure that the application process goes smoother and with greater authentication checking the brand and the particulars of both that you have might help you in this regard. 

Apply the Paste

After that, you have figured out the essentials of both your CPU and the paste, and the next step is to start the application process carefully. 

Make sure that you apply the thermal paste right into the centre of the CPU’s HIS. 

*Note: Apply only a small amount onto it, approximately measuring almost a size of a pea or rice.* 

Install CPU Cooler 

After completing your 2nd step, you need to install the CPU cooler. Use top-down pressure to carefully place the water block of this cooler onto the CPU that you are using and currently applying the paste. Apply enough pressure to attach this cooler. 

Note: Make sure that your cooler doesn’t slip out of the place while you are trying to attach it to the CPU.

Secure the screws 

So, as you get to know that your cooler is now in place, secure the screws carefully as if you draw an “X” with them. Keep in mind not to fully tighten the screws until you have attached all four of them. 

Double Check Everything

After completing the application process, make sure that you must double check it and examine the strength of the process you have just completed.