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Google Maps for Android allows you to manually report traffic slowdowns



Google Maps on Android has obtained a brand new feature which will enable users to record traffic lag in a place on the map. This is a portion of the navigation program’s recently additional reporting feature that enables commuters to record speed traps and injuries while browsing to their own destination. Users are now able to find the new’Slowdown’ choice on the event reporting page at Google Maps for Android, but it isn’t known if the attribute was rolled out to the program’s iOS variant or not.

The reporting feature from Google Maps travelled reside a month, including two choices which will let users record rate traps and injuries like an automobile crash. The attribute can be obtained while the navigation style is on.

With the accession of the slowdown alternatives, an individual can now report whether there’s slow traffic or congestion in a certain location. The slowdown reporting instrument was seen on 9to5Google. We analyzed the attribute in the Google Maps program for Android (v10.12.1) and discovered it works just fine.

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To be able to utilize the attribute, one needs to change to navigation mode and tap the round ‘arrow ‘ button. This may start a slide-out menu in which users may locate the’Insert a report’ alternative. Tapping on it is going to start the reporting tools such as the jump button. Nonetheless, it seems that the lag feature will look different depending on the language preferences of the apparatus.

Android Police reports that consumers that have put the language to English (UK) will view ‘Congestion’ about the reporting display rather than ‘Slowdown’, with the latter emerging whenever the language preference was set to English (US).

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The lag option in Google Maps program for Android is currently live for consumers in India, but there’s not any word on its accessibility from the program’s iOS variant.


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