This new thermal paste is made with high-quality Zinc Oxide that is known for its enhanced cooling performance and provides the paste with an outstanding lifespan. This paste is known for providing an extraordinary thermal solution to the overheating issues for your PC.

It is made to contain ultra-low impedance also and is highly effective in lowering the temperatures of your CPUs as compared to other common thermal pastes. This thermal paste effectively improves heat transfer and lowers the temperature for the GPU and CPU to make them robust and speedy.

Installation Method

The great thing about this thermal paste is that it is extremely easy to install. It comes with an included application stencil and a high-quality spreader which takes all the responsibility of applying the thermal paste on the component.

Premium Quality Application

This paste is amazing in its application process; it has an extremely low viscosity which helps it to easily fill all the microscopic channels and abrasions on the components and fills all those efficiently. This filling of gas adds much quality to the peak thermal transfer.

Durability and Long-Life

Another fantastic thing about this thermal paste is that it comes to live long. It is composed of high-stability liquid compounds that are made to last longer for years without drying, showing a change in consistency, and cracking.


The best thing about any thermal paste is that it should be non-conductive. Likewise, this tm30 thermal paste is perfectly non-conductive in nature, and it is made with zero volatile compounds. The usefulness of this thermal paste is that it saves you from getting any injury and also saves your system from getting damaged.


When the performance of this paste is considered, it is found to be extremely functional and best for your PCs if you only want to make them cooler and working efficiently. The only addition suggested by the users is that it should be a bit more liquid which would definitely live longer and work more powerfully.


The price of this paste is only $7.99 for a 3g package. This is quite reasonable in buying a paste that actually works to cool down your PC and maintains its temperature for effective performance.