Top 10 List - Best Thermal Paste for GPU

If you are desirous of buying the best thermal pastes to make your GPU work effectively for a longer period, this buyer’s guide will definitely help. Follow us through the guide to figure out which thermal paste is compatible with your GPU system.

ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Compound Paste

This thermal paste is designed to provide you the best ever quality and performance as compared to many other similar types of products. It is known most popularly for its high quality and has remained the favorite of all pc users for years.

It comes with a great capability of immediate and efficient temperature reduction and is considered ideal for the GPU cooling process. It effectively reduced the heat accumulation between the CPU, GPU, and other heatsinks and semiconductor components.

Along with all these features, this thermal paste is made non-electrical conductive and metal-free; thus, it prevents any short circuit that might destroy your system. With this greater protection that it provides to VGA cards and CPU, it can add greater life to the GPU and ultimately adds to the durability of the processor.

The great thing about this paste is that it is extremely easy to apply, and once you have applied it, you don’t need to apply it again as it is made to last for almost eight years.

  • Easy to apply
  • Greater life
  • Better performance
  • Protect from short circuit
  • No significant cons

Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste

When you want a premium quality performing thermal paste at a lesser price, then this thermal paste by Corsair is often seen on the lead. It greatly improves the heat transfer process and lowers the increased temperature to provide you optimal performance.

Compared to some common thermal pastes, this thermal paste is known to be manufactured with an ultra-low thermal impedance that keeps doing its work effectively.

Not only this, but the paste application process is simple and effortless and comes with an included spreader and an application stencil which especially aid you in applying the paste on your GPU. Its low viscosity allows it to easily fill in all the microscopic gaps, channels, and abrasions for greater thermal transfer.

To keep you well-protected from any type of short circuit or sudden heat transfer, it is made non-conductive and contains almost zero compounds that might prove to be volatile and dangerous.

  • Safe & Secure
  • Cost-effective
  • Powerful performance
  • Long-living and durable
  • Not so easy to apply

Thermaltake TG-7 Thermal Paste

For years Thermaltake is dedicated to providing you the best performing heat maintaining products, among which this thermal paste for GPU is most amazing. It is exclusively designed for extreme performance and is famous among most pc users worldwide.

When you are heading towards buying it for your GPU, prepare your mind beforehand on getting an improved thermal conductivity mainly because of its diamond power that is included in it.

Not only does this thermal paste makes your GPU a better conductor and dissipates heat, but as compared to other silicon-based compounds, it expands the life span of your GPU.

With this increased life span and better conductivity, you would definitely enjoy the time you spend most often on your PC.

To make your life easy and simple, the paste is not only easy to apply but also comes with a one-year warranty so that if you find any trouble with the product shortly, you can replace or return it to the manufacturers and get ahead to the one you admire.

  • Excellently built
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Improves GPU performance
  • Narrow-sized tube
  • It comes in lesser quantity

Easy cargo 11W/m-K Thermal Paste Kit

Easy cargo is one of the most leading stores when it comes to talking about providing the best quality and premium performing thermal pastes for GPU systems. It takes the GPU composition into great consideration and avails every option to provide the thermals pastes which are best compatible with each one of them.

This thermal past by Easycargo comes with great specifications and is a “never-to-leave” choice for everyone who is looking for the best thermal paste to eliminating the GPU overheating issues.

It has about 11 W/m-k, 0.0012 k-in/W, and -30/280°c thermal conductivity capacity, thermal resistance, and working temperature capacity, respectively. These figures authenticate their optimal capacities, which are very helpful in reducing the issues to almost negligible.

To make you really happy with the purchase, Easycargo presents to you not only a single paste but comes forward with a whole thermal paste kit within which each pack contains around 1 gram of high-performing and best quality thermal paste.

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Super-fast
  • No Significant Cons

HY-883-4g Thermal Paste

With a higher thermal conductivity capacity of almost 6.5 W/m-k, withstanding voltage capacity of 10,000 volts, and strong insulation performance, this paste is regarded as the most admired and appreciated thermal paste for the GPUs.

To help the paste stay in place for a longer time, it is made specifically to contain low thermal resistance. This adds to its better performance and long life to help you enjoy the speedy GPU systems while you are gaming or doing any other heavy-duty work.

The specifications don’t end here: it has greater heat dissipation performance, a wide operating temperature range, and more stable and better performance under -30℃-280C. Besides, the amazing thing about this paste is that it is extremely affordable.

You’ll be very pleased to know that this paste is in greater compliance with EU RoHS testing standards and has effectively passed the SGS environmental protection.

  • Great customer service
  • Strong performance
  • Durability
  • Amazing quality
  • Needs careful handling

Cooler Master Diamond Particle Thermal Paste

If you want a thermal paste that, along with a multitude of features, is extremely easy to apply and spread over the surface, then this Diamond Particle Thermal Paste by Cooler Master is a great choice. It is made exclusively to provide you an extreme level of performance under any conditions.

Its thermal conductivity ranges meet all the cooling requirements and are great enough to aid the heat transfer, the reason for which you consider applying it to your GPU system.

Additionally, it comes with 5 W/m-k, 2.5 (g/cmᶟ) (25℃), 1.5 mL thermal conductivity, specific gravity, and Volume, respectively. With these special features and extreme capacities, it makes the best compatible partner for your gaming GPU system to enhance the speed.

Lastly, it is extremely easy to apply: it comes with an impressively flat nozzle syringe that is there to help you do a precise and even spread of paste all over the surface, which you intentionally want to cover with it.

  • Easy and even spread
  • Cost-effective
  • Powerful performance
  • Only useful for 1 or 2 applications

Noctua NT-H1 Pro-Grade Thermal Compound Paste

This thermal paste by Noctua is a premium-grade compound that is designed for optimal heat transfer from your GPU effectively to the heatsink. It has earned more than almost 150 recommendations and awards for best performance.

To apply this thermal paste, you don’t need to spread it before the installation of the heatsink, so it’s an easy to apply paste that requires no extra hassle. Also, it’s an easy to clean compound: you can remove it easily with a tissue or a paper towel.

It’s not at all electrically conductive and is an extremely non-corroding paste that offers you almost zero risks of short-circuiting. So, it’s easy to use and handle compound that any beginner can also use to apply it on their GPUs to get optimal performance.

The pack of the compound has enough material of almost 3.5g that is more than enough for 3-30 applications, depending upon the CPU size. If you have TR4, the paste will be enough for three applications; however, if you own LGA1151, you will get the benefit of a total of 20 applications for the CPU>

  • Increased paste volume
  • Very well-performing
  • Safe to use
  • non-electrically conductive
  • Non-corroding
  • Slight issues with the nozzle

Thermal Paste, 5 Pack ThermalCoolFlux(TM)

Selling at an extremely affordable price, this thermal paste by FLUX is an amazon’s choice for you. It has extraordinary features that ease you with eliminating the GPU temperature rise issues every time you use it.

The paste has an extreme thermal conductivity of almost greater than 3.2 W/mK, so it keeps your GPU from heating time and again.

We understand how much this overheating issue irritates you while you are in a good mood of enjoying your time on PC. This thermal paste is exclusively made for this purpose.

When you buy this paste, you get a whole 5-pack package, each weighing almost 1.5g. It is effortlessly easy to apply and comes with Store Syringes which are undoubtedly designed to make the application process easy and simple.

Moreover, it is powerfully great both for the GPU and CPU as it takes care of all the issues relating to heat that affect its optimal performance.

  • Easy to use
  • Great for both CPU and GPU
  • Good price
  • Some users recommend using a paste from a more popular brand

K5 PRO Viscous Thermal Paste

This is a high-quality thermal paste that is specifically designed for the GPUs and memory chips of almost all smart devices and gaming systems like PCs and effectively eliminates heating issues. When this issue is solved, your processor becomes extremely speedy and high-performing all the time when you use it.

K5-PRO is a great choice if you want to replace the conventional soft thermal pads that are most often used on a wide variety of computers. Not only this, but this thermal paste is widely known for its 5.3 W/m.K thermal conductivity that is almost three times higher than other common thermal pastes in the market.

The paste is extremely easy to apply, and you can apply it directly on the surface. It is purely safe to handle while applying and comes with zero electrical conductivity. With almost 250-degrees of heating capacity, it has an extended operational life.

  • Perfect in performance
  • Zero electrical conductivity
  • It comes at a lesser price
  • Long-living
  • No major drawbacks

HY-710-10pcs Thermal Paste

Lastly, we have this thermal paste that is amazingly popular for its strong insulation performance, 3.17 W/m-k thermal conductivity, and above 10,000 volts of voltage withstanding capacity.

Also, its low thermal resistance, high heat dissipation performance, and stable performance under almost -30℃-240℃ are some of its most beneficial features.

As compared to other ordinary silicon compounds, its thermal conductivity and thus is extremely efficient in its performance. With this better performance, you don’t only get a better PC usage experience but also a speedy and powerful CPU for a longer period.

The paste comes with a guaranteed warranty and provides efficient customer services if you manage to reach out to them within 12 hours of time.

  • Guaranteed warranty
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Great customer service
  • It doesn’t work with PS4